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Download the BREEDER APPLICATION FORM, complete  and email back to us. Also below are the latest NEMBA Invasive list and amendments ▼

Frequently Asked Questions​

Below are our most asked questions. Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to

NO!! This is merely a directory platform to connect breeders and retailers. You, the breeder, will still need to liaise with the retailer. This includes price, order quantity, photos and/or videos of the livestock (which is why a social media account is a MUST) as well as delivery.

You can still use social media to get in contact with retailers if face-to-face interaction is not possible, BUT Facebook does not allow animal sales on their platform anymore as of mid-2019. It’s all about simplicity, retailers would rather go to a one-stop platform to search for new livestock or simply import from a list than going through hundreds of posts/photos in their Social Media feed.

Anyone breeding quality livestock and adheres to the criteria can get in contact with us to be listed as a breeder.

Criteria to qualify (mandatory):
Social Media account on either Facebook and/or Instagram, with current livestock photos for quality control by prospective retailers.
Adhere to the Republic’s Blacklisted and NEMBA Invasive lists as well as standards set out by the Animal Protection Act.
Agree to supply us with timestamped photo/video material every 6 months if requested, or on site inspection by a representative (on appointment) if we receive complaints regarding blacklisted species or animal cruelty (includes water quality of tanks/ponds).

Yes, of course. We do require all breeders to confirm in their application if they do ship or not, as this will be added to this platform to advise retailers from other provinces if they can order from you or not

Obviously the retailers will need to get hold of you, we will therefor list your email address with your Name and Livestock (we wont publicize your phone number or address)

In an attempt to help both the hobbyist and retailers during/after the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will be rendering this service FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of 2020.

We might charge a nominal service fee as from 2021 to help establish and sponsor fish clubs, competitions (betta, shrimp, etc) and we will confirm this later in the year after consulting with our stakeholders.

Our personal believe has always been quality over quantity and will therefore not spam this platform with 100’s of fish by a single breeder, we want to assist retailers with quality livestock and hobbyists with a platform. Retailers already have contact with local fish farms.

As such, we will allow a maximum of 3 species per breeder. Therefore we would suggest rather than listing three varieties i.e. Moscow Guppies, Veiltail Guppies and Snakeskin Guppies…list them as one species: Assorted Guppies (example). You can always confirm available varieties of your livestock when contact has been made by retailer.

All our Terms & Conditions for Breeders, Retailers and Local Manufacturers that want to make use of the Fishbreeders SA website can be found below ▼

Terms of Use


The National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (10/2004): Draft Alien and Invasive Species Lists
(29 July 2016)

DOWNLOAD – NEMBA Invasive List

National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (10/2004): Draft amendments to the Alien and Invasive Species lists
(16 FEBRUARY 2018)

DOWNLOAD – NEMBA Draft Amendment

Any breeder that complies with our TOS and is interested in being listed on Fishbreeders SA, download the APPLICATION FORM BELOW, complete the form and send to

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Any LOCAL manufacturer or producer that is interested in being listed on Fishbreeders SA, download the APPLICATION FORM BELOW, complete and return to

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